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Source: South Park 24/7

 #704 - Cancelled
1) When Cartman farts on Kyle the 3rd time he says, "Hahaha, he got you again!!"
2) When Cartman farts on Kyle the 4th time he says, "Derr!"
3) When Cartman farts on Kyle the 5th time he says, "Yes it is!"
4) As the boys look down on Earth from the alien's ship he says "Awesome!"
5) When the large doors open and Stan assumes that the head alien is coming in he says, "Oh no!"
6) He agrees along with the other boys on the judging of the alien's apperence.
7) When Stan mentions that he likes the new form the alien takes, he adds, "Me too."
8) On hearing the show can stay on, with the other boys: "All right!"
9) Kenny arrives with the photo in hand he says, "Hey you guys, look."
10) After the boys ask what the hell it was he sais, "I don't know."