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Source: South Park 24/7

 501 - Scott Tenorman Must Die
1) Kenny says "You got pubes?" when Cartman said he did.
2) Kenny says "One, please." when he purchases the movie ticket.
3) Kenny laughs to death when he watches the little piggy thing.

 502 - It Hits The Fan
1) After Stan says 'Holy fucking shit!' Kenny says "Hey, you can't say fuck!"
2) Kenny says "Uh-oh!" when he starts to cough.
3) Kenny says "Yeah, I didn't....goddammit!" right before he vomits out his intestines.

 503 - Cripple Fight
1) Kenny says "Yeah, Bye!" to Big Gay Al.

 504 - Super Best Friends
Kenny is in this episode but he says nothing.

 505 - Terrance & Phillip: Behind the Blow
1) Kenny asks "Toronto?" after Terrance says it in his dressing room.
2) When Cartman told Kenny everything was O.K. Kenny said "Oh, I can't see."

 506 - Cartmanland
1) "You guys, you guys, you gotta come downtown to the bank, yo gotta see, Cartman got 1 million dollars from his grandma!" then "Because she died, she left 1 million dollars to Eric in her will." (That's damn close)
2) He also said "Woo-hoo!" when he was riding the mine shaft ride, before he died.

 507 - Proper Condom Use
1) Right before Cartman beats off the dog, Kenny says "It's the coolest thing that I've ever seen."
2) When Stan and Kyle say that dogs don't make milk, Kenny says "Yeah, they do."

 508 - Towelie
1) When they're all playing the video game Kenny says, "And, I killed you."
2) Kenny says, "How the fuck would we know?" when they are calling for Towelie. (Not very sure of this one)

 509 - Osama bin Laden has Farty Pants
1) When Stan asks Kenny if he could take the goat, he says: "No fucking way dude!"
2) Kenny says, "Oh Shit, we're taking off!" the plane is about to take-off from the USA.
3) Kenny says, "My god, it smells like shit!" after they land the plane.

 510 - How to Eat With Your Butt
1) When Ms. Choksondik says that someone will be punished, he says: "Ahh, that's bull-shit!"
2) Kenny replies, "You've ever done?" when Cartman says 'It's the sweetest thing I've ever done.

 511 - The Entity
1) All that he 'says' in the episode is "Ouch!" when he is shot in the head at the airport.

 512 - Here Comes the Neighborhood
1) He says NOTHING in this episode.

513 - Kenny Dies
1) Kenny says "Oh yeah, I'm fine." after he coughs while burning the poo.
2) After Cartman asks what he has in his backyard, Kenny says "A sno-cone machine?"
3) Kenny says "What the fuck are stem cells?" when Cartman starts talking about them.
4) After the Doctor hooks up the I.V. Kenny says, "Thank you."
5) When the doc asks Kenny if he wants to take off his coat, Kenny Says, "No, I'm fine."
6) Kenny says "Oh, fine, I'm fine." after the boys ask how hes doing.
7) After Cartman confesses his true feelings toward Kenny, he says "Eric, your my best friend too."
8) After Chef tells Kenny he has a lot of friends, Kenny says "Yes, *cough cough* and what about Stan?"
9) When Kyle answers him, he says "I hope so."
10) Right before the Make a Wish people come in the room he says "Stan??"
11) After the M.A.W. people come in, Kenny says "Make a wish foundation?"
12) Kenny says "I kinda wish I could live more then anything." when he's asked what his wish is.
13) After the M.A.W guy asks if kenny want to see Madonna , he says "No, Madonna's a old anorexic whore, who wore out her welcome years ago, and talks with a fake British accent, and she can suck my dick."