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Source: South Park 24/7

 401 - Cartman's Silly Hate Crime
1) Kenny says "What the fucking hell?" when Cartman comes to the door and asks to get out of town. Note: Kenny was actually bleeped when he said 'fuck' for the first time ever.
2) When Cartman tells Kenny that they have to get ot Mexico, he says "Mexico, how the fuck are we gonna go to Mexico?" Note: Kenny was actually bleeped when he said.
3) Kenny says "Hey!" after Cartman wacks him.
4) After Cartman asks if he still has the go-go action bronco, Kenny says "Yeah."
5) Kenny says "I'm going as fast as I can!" when Cartman asks him to go faster."

 402 - The Tooth Fairy's Tats
1) Kenny says "Sega Dreamcast!?!" with the other boys after Cartman says it.
2) When the boys look to Kenny for teeth, he says "Uh-uh!", "No, I don't!",and "No I don't, fuck you!"
3) Kenny asks "Why the fuck does it have to be my tooth?" and says "Fuck you!" right before they try to pull his tooth out.
4) When Butters comes to the boys and tells them that he has a loose tooth Kenny says,"You what?" and "Woo-hoo!"
5) Kenny says "That there's a time and place for everything, and it's called college!" when Chef asks what he told them about drugs.
6) When Kenny is about to be thrown into the river, he says "He's not gonna do it!?!" after Cartman says no! And as he's being thrown in he says stuff like "No! Fuck! Please, no! Why me?"
7) When Kenny was yelling at the boys to come get him he says, "Hey you guys, over here" and "Help You Guys!"

 403 - Quintuplets
1) Kenny sings some foreign operas when the boys are in the living room and through the rest of the episode. When the boys say that Kenny sucks at singing, he says "Huh?" and "I'm singing the best I can!"
2) Kenny repeats the CD, sings the opera along with the music, and says "God!"
3) Kenny says "Hey!" when the boys say that Kenny has a bad voice in front of the Quintuplets.
4) Kenny says "Really, really good!" and "Europe!?!" in reply to the music teacher.
5) Kenny says "Fine" when his mom says that he would have to leave his friends and family behind.

 404 - Timmy
1) Kenny says "Gooood." after Cartman does by the bus.
2) In the luchroom Kenny repeats the other boys and says "Hello, Chef.", "Just fine, thank you.", and "Oh boy."

 405 - Great Expectations
Kenny is not in this episode.

 406 - Cartman Joins NAMBLA
1) Kenny says "No." when his parents ask him if he wants a baby brother.
2) When Kenny goes up to his Dad, Kenny says "Dad, I want to play catch!" and "But, I want to play now."
3) Kenny says "I don't know, but I have to think of something!" when the boys ask what Kenny's gonna do about the new baby.
4) When he is in the pharmacy he asks the clerk "Hi, I need some pills that'll kill a baby thats inside of me." and when the clerk asks "Cash or charge?" Kenny says "Cash!"
5) When Kenny is trying to give the drink to his mom he says, "Here Mom, I made your favorite drink!" and "Try it." When his Dad takes the cup from him, Kenny says, "No, dad don't..." and "Uh-oh!"
6) Kenny says "Mooom!?" after he sees the ad for the John Denver Experience.
7) Right before Kenny goes crazy with the plunger, he says "THAT DOES IT!!!"
P.S. In the song played when everyone is chasing everyone in the hotel, and at the end of the show the french words sung are french numbers and various words (in french).

 407 - Cherokee Hair Tampons
1) Kenny says "Here" when the sub. teacher says "Is Stan Marsh here?"
2) When Cartman and Kenny are playing Kenny makes swooching and shooting noices.
3) When Cartman and Kenny are fighting over the space cruiser Kenny says "No it's mine!"
4) When Stan says that Kyle dieing is really serious, Kenny says "It's not that fucking serious!"
5) When Cartman says that he wants 10 million dollars Kenny replies with "10 million dollars!?!"
6) Kenny says "I know." when Stan says that he doesn't know what to do.
7) Kenny says "Uh-huh." when Stan says that if Kyle died they'd never see him again.
8) Kenny says "Uh-huh." when Stan asks if that was it for people.
9) Kenny says "You never fucking care when I die!" when Stan is bitching about Kyle dieing.
10) Right after Stan starts crying, Kenny says "Now that does it, I've had enough of this bull-shit! Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

 408 - Chef Goes Nanners
1) When Kyle asks how many of the anti-acid pills Kenny's going to eat he says "Oh, I never get any mints at home." and "Fuck you, man."

 409 - Fingerbang
1) When Cartman says they have to practice there music over and over, Kenny says "And we'll look like fucking fagets!"
2) Kenny says "Me, too" when they suggest that Wendy joins the boy band.
3) When Cartman makes up the defintion for fingerbang, Kenny says "That's not what it means!"
4) When Cartman asks what fingerbang means he says, "It's when you take your finger, and stick it down your ass-hole, and it makes you feel really good."
5) Kenny says, "Yeah" when Kyle says that he won't perform in a 4-member boy band.

 410 - Do handicapped People Go To Hell?
1) Kenny says "It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's generation..." repeating what Cartman said.
2) Kenny says "What?" when he is confused about Jesus being crackers.
3) Kenny says "Oh shit!" when the Sister Mary told them that they all have to confess all their sins.
4) When Cartman blames Kenny for setting Mr. Garrison's Cat on fire, Kenny says "What?"
5) Kenny says "What are we gonna do?" when they are trying to think of a way to save Timmy from hell.
6) Kenny says "Hey dude" to Stan in Church.
7) Kenny says "Shit!" after Stan does.

 411 - Probably
1) Kenny asks "Where am I?" twice to the Mexican man at the Gas station.
2) When Cartman answers the phone, Kenny says "Cartman, Cartman you've got to help me, cause I'm really not dead!"

 412 - 4th Grade
1) Kenny says "Her titties are fuckin' huge!" when they first see Ms. Choksondik.
2) Kenny says "Let's go!" right before he gets smeared all over the highway.

 413 - Trapper Keeper
Kenny is in this episode, but he says nothing.

 414 - Hellen Keller the Musical
Kenny is in this episode, but he says nothing.

 415 - Fat Camp
1) When Kyle asks Kenny to make the incision in the manitee for $5, Kenny says "Five Bucks?"
2) When Kenny asks how much to eat the spleen, he says, "I'm not gonna eat that."
3) Kenny says "What?" when Kyle tells him to eat his barf.
4) Kenny says "Sure." when Jesus thanks him for coming on the show.
5) Kenny says "Yeah, am I?" when the kids ask Chef if Kenny is a prostitute.
6) Kenny says "The next thing I'm gonna do is give my grandpa sentual full-body massage" when the guys asks what's next
7) Kenny says "10 bucks!" when the celebritys are betting on the price of the blowjob.

 416 - The Wacky Molestation Adventure
Kenny was in this episode, but he did not say anything.

 417 - A Very Crappy Christmas
1) Kenny said "Yeah, that'd be awesome." after the boys think up their cartoon scheme.