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Source: South Park 24/7

  301 - Rainforest Schmainforest
1) When the Choir Teacher talks about G.G.W.K. Kenny says "That sounds fucking stupid!"
2) When he is in Mr. Mackey's office after he says he is signing them up Kenny says "Woo-hoo, I mean Ahhh!"
3) When he tells Kelly his name, Kenny says "Kenny" then she says Lenny, he Says "No, Kenny" she says Benny he says "KENNY!"
4) When Cartman says Kenny is poor, he says to Kelly "My family's not poor."
5) When Kelly says it's a privalage to live in America Kenny says "Uh-huh"
6) When Kelly asks if he remember the dance he says "Yeah, I think so!"
7) Kenny Sings song 1st time Lyrics Here!
8) Kelly asks Kenny if every thing will be fine he says "Everything is fine"
9) Kelly asks if she can tell Kenny something he says "OKAY!"
10) After Kelly says "I like you", he says "Really?" then "That's great!" then "That's not great?" than "OHH!"
11) When everyone is tied up he says "Yeah, me too!" to Kelly
12) After she says they would have to call everyday he says "OK, I can do that!"
13) Kenny sings song 2nd time Lyrics Here!

  302 - Spontaneous Combustion
1) When Kenny gives Kyle the hairdryer in the store, Kenny says "How about this?"
2) After being kicked out of the store and Stan complains, Kenny says "I know dude, fucking seriously!"
3) As the boys are walking away from the store, Kenny says "Well see you guys, I have to get on the bus".
4) When Cartman asks if Kenny's going to see his little girlfriend again, Kenny says "Yeah dude, seriously"

  303 - The Succubus
1) When the boys wonder why Cartman isn't it school, Kenny says "Maybe cause he got stuck in a door!"
2) Kenny says, "..and a really big dick." when they was describeing Chef to the secretary.
3) When Kenny comes up with his plan he says "You guys, you guys, the song the succubus sings......... then sing the song backwards, that's the whole idea." OK, most of that speech by Kenny is impossible, I don't even know if they are real words.

  304 - Jackovosaurs
1. When Cartman is taking a crap and asks for one of Kenny gloves he says "Here ya go...wait NO!"
2. Just before the bear jumped on him, he said to guys, "Hey guys, where you goin?" (then he died)

  305 - Tweek vs. Craig
1. When the teacher talks about what they will be doing in the Home Ec. class then Kenny says "Woo hoo!"
2. After the teacher says "That, is why we take Home Ec.", Kenny says "Woo hoo!"
3. When Kenny walks up to the other kids on the playground he says "Hey guys, what do you want to do?"
4. After the girls all said good-bye to Kenny on the playground, Kenny said "Bye laddies!"
5. While the gang was fighting Kenny yelled out a few choise (swear) words.
6. When the teacher shows the cards to the class, Kenny repeats them, along with the girls.
7. When the teacher tells Kenny to read the card, he says "I can't make love to you until we get a king sized bed!"
8. When the teacher tells Kenny that she needs to talk to him, he says "Yeah, ok"
9. When the teacher tells Kenny that he isn't right for Home Ec., he says, "Why?"
10. After the teacher tells Kenny that his odds for marrying a rich man in the future are not good, He says, "It's not?"
11. Right after the teacher tells Kenny he should transfer to shop class he says "Shop class! Oh no!"
12. When the teacher tells Kenny that very few students are seriously injured in shop class, He says "I don't want to go to shop class!"
13. When Mr. Adler is about to kill himself, Kenny walks up on him and says "Hey, is this shop class?"
14. When Kenny got tossed in the bucket o' nails he started yelling then Mr. Adler picked him up and he said, "I'm ok!"

  306 - Sexual Harassment Panda
1) When Kenny holds the magnet, he yells "Oh no, Oh no! OH NO!" as he gets pulled through the fan.

  307 - Cat Orgy
Kenny was not in this episode.

  308 - Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub
Kenny was not in this episode.

  309 - Jewbillee
1) When Kyle answers the door Kenny Says, 'Hey, you guys wanna come and watch the Meteor Shower with me?"
2) After Kyle says that he has to go to Jewbilee, Kenny says "What's That?"
3) Kenny says "Oh, that's alright" when Kyle explains Jewbillee.
4) When Kyle says that Kenny could come to Jewbilee with him, he says "Really?"
5) After Kyle's mom says that Jewbilee is for special kids, Kenny replies "Oh."
6) When Kyle said that Kenny to his mom that will believe anything, he says "Yeah!"
7) When Sheila lets him go, he says "Whoopee!"
8) When Ike is getting ready for Squirts, he says "huh?" and when Kyle explains to him whats squirts are he says "oh".
9) In the car when Kyle's mom is explaining some Jewish stories, he says "Uh huh" twice.
10) After Kenny gets out of the car and Kyle's mom talks to him, he says "Uh huh"
11) He says "How do I do that?" When Sheila tells him to try and act Jewish.
12) When the Jew Scout Instructor asks for his name, he says "Kenny McCormick."
13) When Kenny sees the Chamber of Elders, he asks Kyle, "What's That?"
14) He repeats the pledge along with the other new inductees, "I pledge to be a Jew Scout, My Honour wide and true, I'm proud to be a Jew Scout, Otherwise I just be a Jew."
15) Kenny says says 'Nahee-Kayem' and after he ducks the bell, he walks off laughing.
16) When they form in a circle, Kenny asks Kyle "What do we do here?"
17) When Kyle says they will pray to Moses, Kenny says "Hahaha! That sounds stupid!"
18) When Kenny finally sees moses, he yells "What the fuck is that?!"
19) When Moses discovers that Kenny isn't Jewish, he says "uh oh.."
20) After that he says "Oh no! What do we do?"
21) When Kyle blames Kenny for saying he was Jewish, he says "What?"
22) He tries to explain himself and says "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I'm sorry!"
23) When he is told that he gets no carrot Cake, he says "What?"
24) When the evil Elder plans to bring back Hamen, and he hears he says "Oh no.."
25) Alongside the road, he yells "Help! Help!" to the passing cars.
26) When he sees the squirts with the baby bear, Kenny says "Awww!"
27) This one was hard, here's my best try. "Okay guys, theres this guy who wants to bring hamen back and he's trapped Moses in a shell, and he's gonna summon Hamen and if he does he's gonna kill all the Jews!"
28) After that, Kenny says "I know! Come on guys, we don't have much time!"
29) When the evil elder guy is summoning hamen, Kenny yells "Whoopee!" and snatches his book.
30) While the evil elder guy is kicking him, he is yelling "OW, OWW!"
31) When he couldn't crack the shell, he said "That's okay, I'll use my head!" and he kills himself.

  310 - Chinpokomon
1) When Cartman asks Kenny for the 'Pengin' Cinpokomon, he says "Nuh uh!"
2) When cartman says that it's his favourite, Kenny says "Nuh uh!"
3) He then starts fighting over the Pengin doll with Cartman and he says "No" about five times along with Cartman, and then "No, PENGIN'S MINE! No!"
4) When Cartman wants to trade Kenny for his Pengin, he says "Fuck off!"

  311 - Starvin' Marvin In Space
1) When the boys wonder why anyone would want to send the 600 club money, Kenny says "To pay for a rocket for his penis!
2) When they make a run for the ship, Kenny drops back and says, "Hey you guys, wait up for me..." and he says "Ow" when he hits the ground.
3) When he gets left behind "You guys! Go without me!"
4) When they tell him what they'll do with Kenny, he says "Ok, ok I GET IT!"

  312 - Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery
1) When the boys are talking about the contest he says, "Hey you guys, I'm gonna win this years costume contest!"
2) When Stan says they should dig up Kyle's Grandma, Kenny says "Yeah!"
3) He says to the boys at the docks, "Just Wait till you see MY sweet costume!"
4) When Cartman says that Kenny will never have a sweet costume, Kenny says, "Yeh i will, it'll kick..." (The rest is hard to make out)
When he walks up to the other boys with his robot thing costume, Kenny says "Hey guys! Check out my fucking sweeet costume!"
5) When David recognises him and says "Hey Kenny!" he says "Oh man..."
6) When he doesn't win the costume contect, he moans "Awww.."

  313 - Hooked on Monkey Phonics
1) When he finds out that Kyle likes Rebecca, he says "Hehehe, your a fucking faget dude!"
2) When he sees the Funny Fonics Monkey with Cartman's Snacky Smores, he says "Can I have some of that?"

  314 - The Red Badge of Gayness
1) When Cartman says that Flutes are gay, Kenny looks at his flute and says "The flute's Gay?"
2) When Cartman guarantees him lots of plunder, and women, Kenny says "Whoo hoo!"

  315 - Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics
1) When Mr. Garrison is about to sing 'Merry Fucking Christmas'he says that the topic is about how other cultures celebrate christmas, then Kenny says "What?"

  316 - Are you there God, it's me Jesus
1) After Cartman says 'I Hit Puberty you guys!', Kenny says "What?"
2) When Kyle says he'll check if his ass is bleeding, Kenny says "Me, too."
3) While Cartman is looking through the pads in the store, Kenny comes in and says "You Guys! You Guys! I got it! I got my very first period!"
4) When Kyle asks him, he says "Yeah! You guys, I was just there sittin' on the the toilet, and I finally got my period!"
5) When Cartman suggests to use pads to avoid getting blood on their underwear, Kenny Shouts "WHO00PPEE!"
6) When Cartman asks if he got his maxi pads yet, Kenny says "No, i got a pack of Tampons."
7) When Cartman asks what a tampon is, Kenny says "Its a little thing you put up your ass to stop all the bleeding!"
8) When he's asked 'Does it hurt?', he says "A little...."
9) Cartman checks the attendance record, "Goddess moon? GODDESS MOON?" Kenny then says "I'm here!".
10) When they start talking about boys, Kenny says "Yeah, I think that Craig is the coolest guy in our school. There's really no doubt about it!"
11) When both the boys say their period is going swimmingly, Kenny says "Mine too."
12) In the clubhouse, Kenny starts feeling bad and mutters "Uhhhhh."
13) When they all ignore him he says "Ohhh Goodd.."
14) Kenny then starts feeling awful, and he moans "Uuunngggh!" and then he falls over and coughs up blood.

  317 - Worldwide Recorder Concert
1) Kenny says "Uh-uh.", "Nope", and "Nuh-uh." when him and Cartman are tring to find the brown note on the bus.
2) When Cartman asks Kenny what a queef is, Kenny says "I don't know"
3) Kenny says "Yeah", when Cartman suggests that they find Kenny G.
4) When Cartman is about to play the brown noise, Kenny says "Ready!"