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Source: South Park 24/7

 201 - Terrance and Phillip: Not Without My Anus
Kenny was not in this episode.

 202 - Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut
1) After Mephesto is shot, Kenny says "Oh my god, they killed Mephesto"
2) After "Team b" is set up, and the plain is set, Kenny says "huh?"
3) When Kenny comes out of the sewer, he says "This is team 'b'."
4) After "Team a" finds a new path, Kenny says "you fucking people make me walk though the
5) When Kenny looks at the shelter, he says "Yep it's there all right."
6) When Kenny reaches the power box he says "Okay now I'm at the power box."
7) After the doctor asks if Kenny can see the copper nose Kenny says "Roger".
8) When the doctor asks Kenny if he can connect the wires he says "Nah-un".
9) When Kenny says he's going to connect the wires he says "I'll connect the wires"

 203 - Ike's Bris
1) When Chef arrives the kids and Kenny say "Hey Chef".
2) When Chef is disapointed in the boys Kenny says "Oh, your penis!"

 204 - Chicken Lover
1) When Kenny sees the book he says "There's a lot of hot vaginas and penises"
2) After a scream is heard, Kenny says "What was that?"
3) Kenny says "Hooray" when Kyle and Stan are cheering too.
4) When the show "Cartman" is rolling, Kenny comes up to the door and says "Hey Cartman".
5) When Mrs. McCormick is kicking her husband's ass, Kenny cheers on with "Yeah yeah yeah!"
6) When Kenny is shot he says "No, it hit my jacket".

 205 - Conjoined Fetus lady
1) When Kyle is telling the other boys about the freak, Kenny says "Ew!" a couple of times.
2) When Kyle's mom shows the boys about "Freaks" Kenny says "Gross!"

 206 - The Mexican staring frog of Southern Sri Lanka
1) When the boys are done with their paper, the boys and Kenny say "The end"
2) When Mr Mackey is talking over the boys Kenny says "Cause your uncle sucks dick"
3) When the boys make fun of Jimbo and Ned, Kenny says "Yeah, what a couple of bitch-ass mother fuckers!"

 207 - City on the Edge Forever
1) Kenny tell's Kyle the time is "7:35"
2) When Kenny remembers about Death, he says "Hey guys, remember that time we were chased by
death? I remember it was a looonng time ago and death came on a tricycle and ran us down."
3) When Kenny kicks Death's ass, he says "Take this, and don't touch me, and take that and that, and
that!" ect...
4) After the story is done, Kenny says "Now that's what I call a sticky situation!"
5) When Kyle corrects Kenny, Kenny says "Oh, yeah."
After being taken by the big scary monster, Kenny screams and says "Hey guys he's taken..." and it
fades off
6) When the Fonz kills him Kenny says "holy fucking..."

 208 - Summer Sucks
1) When the boys go to buy fireworks, Kenny and the boys say "Hey Stu".
2) When Kenny escapes his death, he says "Guys I dodged the ahh..!"

 209 - Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls
1) When the boys are talking about Stan not being Wendy's girlfriend, Kenny says "Yeah cause you always puke on her"
2) When they're talking about Cartman's ass, Kenny says "Cartman's ass is so fucking fat that sometimes it takes up a whole room."

 210 - Chicken Pox
1) When Kenny's mom tells him to come and play with his friends, he says "But mom, I'm fucking sick!"
2) When Kenny comes out he says "Hey guys, what's going on?"
3) When the boys are talking about the rats Kenny tells us "Well, we shouldn't have any rats when we put the fucking ceiling in."

 211 - Robert Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods
1) Kenny's haiku goes "When I get blowjobs, that I'll cum through discharging, that's the way to fuck".
This was really hard. I'm not too sure, but listen for yourself.
2) When Kenny first talks about the stars, he says "nothing"
3) When the lasers come on, Kenny says "whoa dude".

 212 - Clubhouses
1) When all the boys say "fine" Kenny also says "Fine."
2) When Cartman's telling Kenny what to do with Endor Clubhouse, Kenny says "Well why the fuck do I have to do
everything when you stand around..." and then Kenny's cut out by Cartman saying he's the worker.
3) When Cartman tells Kenny to get the carpet Kenny says"You fuck ,you suck dick"
4) When Cartman tells Kenny he has to wait for the hot tub he says in a depressed voice, "Yes sir".
5) As Kenny and Cartman talk about Endor Clubhouse, Kenny says "Uh-huh"
6) After Cartman says Kenny and him have to find chicks he says "YEAH!"
7) After Cartman demands that Kenny goes and finds the chicks, Kenny says, "Why do I have to go find the chicks?"
8) When Cartman asks if Kenny finds the chicks, Kenny says "Mmm hmm!"

 213 - Cow Days
1) When Kenny pulls out his food stamps he says "What? These?"
2) When Kyle tells Kenny to give him the food stamps he says "Nah-uh"
3) When Kyle demands the food stamps Kenny says "Dude, these are mother fucking food
stamps and I
don't need to be used right outta these food stamps".
4) When Cartman's lying on the ground, Kenny says "Oh my god, they killed Cartman!"
5) After the boys wonder where Cartman is, Kenny says "He ran away"
6) Stan tells Kenny to go find Cartman, and Kenny says "Okay."
7) When Kenny comes back with no Cartman and the boys ask where he is, Kenny says "I
don't know, I can't find em'"
8) They tell Kenny he's on in a few minutes and he says "I know, I know!"
9) When Kenny's about to come to help Cartman, Kenny says "Nah-uh, I ain't going in that ring...ahh!"

 214 - Chef Aid
1) When Elton John says that he'll help the boys out, Kenny says "Hooray"!

 215 - Spookyfish
1) When Kenny takes more of the blanket from his brother he says "Give me this."
2) When Kenny's mom smacks him he says "Hey Mom!"
3) After Kenny's dad asks if that was Cartman, Kenny says "Uh huh"
4) When Kenny shows his 'pumpkin' he says "It's all I could afford"

 216 - Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!
1) When Kenny's dad tells him to bring back food for them he says "Okay"
2) When Manson asks if Kenny wants to go a 'more secluded' part of the mall, he says "Okay"
3)When Manson says Kenny is around he comes back and says "Hey guys, lets go."

 217 - Underpants Gnomes

1) When Cartman says Kenny's happy being poor, Kenny says "Fuck you".
2) During the commercial, Kenny says "and get back to the home owned enterprise"

 218 - Prehistoric Ice Man
1) When Kenny's watching TV, he says "Oh no!"
2) When Stan says Cartman killed Kyle, Kenny says "You bastard!"
3) When "Yeah, I think you ought to name him Steve"
4) When Barbrady asks what color to pick, Kenny says "Blue".
5) Just before Kenny is smushed under the escalator belt, he says "Uh oh!"