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CRAIG KILBOURN: please welcome trey parker, matt stone.

(matt and trey come out)

CK: thank you, thank you guys, thanks for being here, thanks for dressing up

TREY: we just bought these today

MATT: we went out and bought new shirts today, just for this.

CK: congratulations

T: thank you

CK: did you guys think it might get this big, or not?

T: no..

M: this was the master plan

T: yeah we knew...no, we had no idea

CK: you guys are from colorado-

T: yeah..

CK: -and you share one bedroom, or how does that work or what is...? your buds right? your college roomates?

T: we're friends..

CK: you're good friends..

T: yeah, no we met at college and then we uh sorta went out to LA together to get things rolling and had to sleep on people's floors, you know--together

CK: there it is thats the connection i was looking for.

M: arrhrhrh!!

CK:thank goodness for comedy central you guys had a lot of offers. didnt george clooney help you out?

T: george clooney was like the first person to send, when we made the "spirit of christmas", the short one, george clooney i guess like personally sent out like 700 copies. so he uh...we met him at the batman premiere and we said "hey we're doing this show tomorrow with a gay dog, you wanna do the voice?" and he was like....

CK: he'll jump at that! he'll jump at that....

M: he was like "dog? gay? yes."

T: he was all about gay dogs-

M: yeah, he loved it.

CK: did you guys...lets talk about the childhood..everything healthy back growing up? cause its kinda odd what we see there.

M: yeah. i mean both our parents are still married. like we come from pretty functional homes. believe it or not.

CK: are the folks proud?

T: mom's a little...concerned.

CK: do they get comedy central?

T: actually my parents do cause their up in the mountains. but in denver where we're from they don't get it so we still go home and their like "oh trey, what are you up to?" you know and like "i have a tv show dude"

CK: do you guys get hate mail?

M: no, i think comedy central heads it off at the pass..they don't send us the hate mail..

CK: we get a lot of it.

T: you get our hate mail.

CK: how does kenny-now kenny is the guy that dies every week?

T: yeah

CK: what are some different ways he dies?

T: he's been impaled, he's been shot, he's been microwaved-

M: touched by death.

T: and he's killed by mir space station in the halloween episode

CK: keeps coming back

T: yeah, he's come back strong

CK: is the network paying you guys well?

M and T: yes..

CK: is that where all the money is going? split it between you and viva variety right?

T: yeah right...

CK: time for five questions, here we go : geography: name five of the seven states that border colorado. need five..

T: arizona

CK: correct

T: new mexico

CK: yes

T: utah

CK: yes

T: oklahoma

CK: yes

T: kansas

CK: correct, very nice....(to matt) feel free to participate

M: ...(?)i was counting them off

CK: what was the first x-rated cartoon?

T: fritz the cat

CK: yes! you're doing very well..rob and fab were the frontmen for what group?

T: milli vanilli

CK: very good..

M: i dont know anything!

CK: (to matt) lets see if you can answer one: the true meaning of christmas: celebrating the birth of jesus or grabbing the goodies from santa

(trey whispering into matt's ear)

M: the birth of jesus

CK: yes! that is correct! by the way, currently 4 out of 4..and finally do you have to hang out with george clooney now that he's helped you out?

T: um..he tries to come by the office now and again, he wants more voices now that he's done the gay dog, but thats it. he's had his day. he's done

M: he's gotta move on

CK: that is correct! 5 for 5!!

M and T: woohoo!! (etc)

CK: the south park halloween special airs wednesday at 10pm on this very network. big hand for trey parker, matt stone.