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Play Solitaire with the gang from South Park. Basically, the cards have pictures of the characters on them instead of the normal stuff.

Created by: Juz of Sweeet.com(now extinct)

Trapper Keeper
"An addictive arcade game loosely based on episode 413 of South Park. You have to bring down Trapper Keeper and the Cartman Spider Creatures before South Park is sent in to oblivion! Not my best game, but for 1mb, it's well worth the download. "

Created by: Beamer Games

Alien Genocide 190KB
A small title in which you must bust some alien ass while your time goes up. Collide with a UFO and it's all over. An addictive little title using Beamer's formulaic "Beat your own time" style.

Created by: Beamer Games

Butters Pro Skating 871KB
A skateboarding game in which Butters must complete several goals in 9 different levels to became a pro skater.

Created by: Beamer Games

Cartman Force


Watch out! A lot of trouble appeared in South Park! If you thought that this not so quiet little town didn't got enough trouble, well, you shall be surprised. Every foe, enemy, evil entity that plagued South Park are now back, plus with many other creepy, unwanted citizens. Cartman takes the decision of kicking the whole invasion out of town by himself. But his friends Stan, Kyle and Kenny shall help him out. And you too. Lead our gang throughout 5 tortuous episodes in hope of freeing their town, using a selection of 6 different weapons. Each of the 4 kids got their own skills and attribute (for instance, Cartman is a slow moving fat kid but can take a lot of hits before dying and can strike enemies very quickly) With 3 different skill levels to master, this game shall keep you busy for a while.

Created by: Junkman Games

Cartman Force Arena v1.1 4.69MB
Cartman Force meets up with arcade! In this version of the game test your wits and gunfighter skills against all the CF baddies in 10 deadly arenas. There's no neighbors to save or anything, just gun down everything and earn points!! How long can you survive in this absolute mayhem and how much points can you rack up? Check it out by yourself. The new version fixes some bugs, adds in various bonus levels and revamps the whole scoring system which was hyper messy.

Created by: Junkman Games 

Cartman Kong Country 719KB
The only one to make this game. Graphics and enemies taken straight from the Donkey Kong Country game. It has a great challenge.

Created by: ML Productions