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Games Description
How to Play:
1.Click on PLAY to turn machine on.
2.Press 1 or 2 for one or two player game.
3.Hold space bar to pull plunger, release to shoot ball.
4.Use [CONTROL] key for left flipper; [SHIFT] key for right flipper.

Created by: Comedy Central
How to Play:
Ask chef yes or no questions by clicking in the box below him. He’ll respond with the perfect answer!

Created by: South Park Studios
How to Play:
Use your mouse to find the animals, and click it to jam your thumb up their butt. Do it quick, or else they’ll charge and really piss you off! Good luck, mate!

Created by: South Park Studios  
How to Play:
1.Choose the four members of your South Park dodgeball team from the six possible players.
2. Choose one of the two opposing teams: the Denver Cougars or Team China.
3. When the game starts, click on a South Park team member with your mouse to activate.
Line up your shot by moving him around, then THROW! The longer you hold the mouse button, the more power you get. Unleash you secret throw by filling your power bar.
4. Remember four hits and you're FINISHED!

Created by: South Park Studios  
How to Play:
You must eat all the 'Cheesy Poofs' you can, while running from a pack of anal-probing aliens. Luckily for you, there are ample supplies of 'Weight Gain 4000' for you to eat so you can kick ass! Use the A W S Z or the K O L , keys to move.
Note - This game is written in Java, a programming language that lets downloaded programs called applets play within your web browser. Java is built into Netscape or Internet Explorer 3.01 or higher. These browsers are called java enabled.

Created by: South Park Studios  
How to Play:
The Getting Gay with Kids Choir needs your help to make the concert and avoid becoming Yanagapa stew! Guide Cartman and his Hell-a-cool Bulldozer through the depleted Costa Rican rainforest and across the river. Avoid the spears trying to make Cartman-Kabobs while you pick up the kids and drive them to the concert.
Use the arrows to move in those sort of directions.
Bring the kids from the village at the top, to the concert stage below.
Due to weight limits, the bulldozer can only carry Cartman's fat ass and one other kid at a time.
Earn bonus points for trampling endangered exotic species Cartman thinks fires suck, so he ain't driving over it.
Everything is worth more in the later rounds, but the spears pick up the pace as well.

Created by: South Park Studios  
How to Play:
Defend the fearsome foursome against the rest of the town with your trusty shotgun. Be sure not to splatter any of the boys (No, not even Kenny) or you'll lose points and a shell.
Don't let any of the other creatures run to safety or you'll also lose a shell.
If you don't see the game on this page, you probably need to click here to get

Created by: South Park Studios