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Stan, Cartman and Kenny are lost. Completely lost. After getting abducted by a spaceship with a disturbed alien on board, their only chance of escape resides by escaping the ship and travel through a deadly new world. Each kid got their own abilities and they shall to put their powers in common to cross the levels filled with enemies and puzzles. This game is rather similar to the Lost Vikings 1 and 2, so if you played both games, you shouldn't be too much lost in this fantastic atmosphere. :)

Created by: Junkman Games

Dodge 'Em Kyle
A multiplayer game where a bunch of Kyle's had to doge giant rolling boulders.

Created by: Beamer Games

South Park Mario Bro 2 1.78MB
Prepare yourself for SouthPark Mario Bro 2 - Last Edition. Now with 5 worlds and a total of 20 levels. South Park Super Mario Brothers 2 - Last Edition is the best version we have ever created with Mind Blowing Graphics, Digital Wave Audio effects and the
game play is totally awesome and best of yet, it's BUG FREE!.

Created by: Joe Dixon