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You are stan, an agent, and you must locate and sneak into Fatass's base up in the mountains. This game is allot like Metal Gear Solid.

Created by: Explicit Games

House of the Dead in South Park
Get into a house and rescue the boys of South Park in this phoney first person shooter.

Created by: Explicit Games

Kenny Attack 249KB
A small mini-game in which you have to kill the set amount of Kenny's. However, one collision & it's all over! Luckily, you get to configure Weapons, Music, Levels, and the amount of Kenny's there are... or you could ask the computer to pick it for you! A Beamer Games classic!

Created by: Beamer Games

Kenny Puzzler 658KB
The first South Park game I ever finished, and I consider it pretty good. Based on a very old concept I thought about since ages ago, I tried to put it on a computer game. Here's the result, and you shall be scratching your head for long before you shall conquer all 3 difficulty settings. Luckily, a training mode is handy. Plus it's a small game.

Created by: Junkman Games

Kill the Cartmans


A small title, I know. Not really a big game, but very fun and addictive, and good for relieving stress.. or if you just want to kill a lot of Cartman's... Like Alien Genocide, it uses Beamer's "Beat your own score" style.

Created by: Beamer Games

Legend of Wendy: Ocarina of South Park 1.39MB
You play as Cart, our bad-mouthed hero and are plunged into a world of monsters and puzzles, just waiting to be solved. Use the ocarina, shoot arrows and numerous other items. Collect the three legendary stones and battle Garrisondorf

Created by: ?

Megakid X 306KB
Get ready for crappy graphics, extremely challenging game play, and short levels in, MEGAKID X. Due to Mephestio's freak accident, Stan and the rest of the neighbor are turned into monsters. Most of them joined Kitty and destroyed the city, but Stan (Megakid X) wants to save it. The game isn't good, but you should download it to understand the rest of the series.

Created by: JK Games