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Cartman finally realizes that he is slightly over weight and it is up to you to help him burn a few quick calories. You may burn a few calories yourself in this 'repetitively hit the space button' game.

Created by: Xplicit Games

Cartman's Adventure 1
Here it is, Beamer's most successful series - Cartman's Adventure! Go back to the original Mutant-Busting, Weight-Gaining title, CA1. Not as good as it's sequel, but still, a must-have if you like SPG Platformers.

Created by: Beamer Games

Cartman's Adventure 2 7.06MB
After 6 hard months of work, Ca2 is out. With about 20 cut scenes, 12 levels, 8 bosses, 12 bonus stages, and 24 cheats - my best game series has reached a new high. With game play to kill and hours of fun just waiting to be opened, this is my best game EVER. Period.

Created by: Beamer Games

Cartman's Game 536KB
Cartman is stuck in a video game, can you lead him out to safety?!

Created by: Sir Eatsalot

Cartman's Quest


This is a cross between Final Fantasy and Super Mario with a South Park twist. Check it out!

Created by: Eminem2001eigh

Cartman's V-Chip Escape 1.12MB
The town in being overrun by v-chips, and only Cartman and the gang and save it now. In my most popular series, Cartman's V-Chip Escape. With addictive game play that keeps you coming back for more. Destroy bullies, angry parents and, citizens in one game you won't want to miss!

Created by: JK Games

Cartman's V-Chip Escape 2 1.21MB
Cartman and the gang are back in the second high powered action game Cartman's V-Chip Escape 2: Electric Discharge. As the story digs deeper, and the bullies join your forces, things heat up. More weapons, more enemies, more action and, more ways to die in the second installment of the series.

Created by: JK Games