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I am not even trying to compete with these guys on a Trey Parker and Matt Stone page. Here is a complete website dedicated to them. They are quite obsessive over them. Click the link below.


Executive Producers & Creators: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Executive Producer: Anne Garefino
Supervising Producer: Frank Agnone
Associate Producer: Jennifer Howell
Production Manager: Daryl Sancton
Production Manager: Paula Homlburg
Production Accountant: Alecia Shyngle
Assistant Production Accountant: Steve Neuvenheim
Assistants to Executive Producer: Benjamin Paine
Office Manager: Paula Holmberg
Production Assistants: Newton Cox, Jon Abraham, Carra Graziadio,
David Gielicz, Katie Mowatt, Sam Woolley

Post Production Supervisor: John A. Hansen
Production Coordinator: Mark Munley
Post Production Coordinator: Andy Kemler
Audio Producer: Bruce Howell
Audio Editor: Lydia Quidilla, David Allen Young
Editor: Keef Bartkus, Tom Vogt
Assistant Editor: David List
Composer: Scott Nickoley and Jamie Dunlap

Storyboard and Production Artist Supervisor: Adrien Beard
Storyboard and Production Artist: Anthony E. Postma, Greg Postma, Keo Thongkham, Eric Oliver

Director of Animation: Eric Stough
Systems Administrator: J.J. Franzen, Sean Laverty
Animation and Technical Supervisor: Toni Nugnes
Lead Technical Director: Jenny Yu
Technical Directors: Javier Bello, Jessica Coate, Wonnie Jung, Gil Nevo, Melanie Stimmell, Daniel Lindsey, Holly Wenger, Peter Merryman, Mun Pook Lui
Lead Animator: Ryan Quincy
Animators: Andy Arett, Todd Benson, Chris "Crispy" Brion, Matt Brown, Michelle Burry, Karen Knight, David Koch, Jason Lopez, Junichi Nishimura, Scott Oberholtzer, Jack Shih
Licensing Artist: Erick Thorpe

Lip Sync Supervisor: David Thergood, James Dion, Brian Gabriel
Lip Sync Artist: Amy Haber, Vickie Mendoza, Jonathan G. Robert, Anthony Sant'Anselmo

Staff Writers:
Kyle McCulloch
Vernon Chatman

Pam Brady
Matt Prager
Vernon Chatman